Writing Emotions: Summer Course in A Guarda (Galicia)

 From the 27th to the 30th of August, our colleagues from Escuela de Escritores (Madrid), Luis Luna and Magdalena Tirado will be imparting this poetry workshop in Pontevedra. Registrations are open

Emotions are the starting point of a journey to the words, an outside and inside voyage that helps us understand what surrounds us and the literature we write. Every emotion is the beginning of a story that is to be discovered. Come and find them with us in a privileged territory and go a little further into yourself and realise how you feel.


  1. The inner imaginary. Each word tells you
  2. One eye sees, the other feels
  3. Desautomatize the world: sensations as a start
  4. The sentimental background of the writer as a start
  5. Synesthesia as a discovery of emotional environment
  6. Affective knots. The plot of feelings


470€ (includes accommodation, breakfast, dinner in Muiño Hotel + course fee & notebook).

It does not include travel expenses.

Place Booking

It requires an income of 170€ before June, 23



More info at

luis@escueladeescritores.com (Luis Luna).

magdalena@escueladeescritores.com (Magdalena Tirado).

About the teachers

Luis Luna (Spain)

Luis Luna (Madrid, 1975) holds a PhD in Romance Philology and a degree in Hispanic Philology. Luis works as a teacher in Escuela de Escritores (Madrid) and as an editor of the fragmentary poetry collection of Amargord editions. He also belongs to the Editorial Board of Heterogénea magazine. His poetry books are Cuaderno del GuardabosqueAl Rihla (El viaje)Territorio en penumbraAlmendra (in collaboration with Lourdes de Abajo and the illustrations of Juan Carlos Mestre) and Umbilical. His poetry collection has been published in the US under the title Languaje Rooms.


Magdalena Tirado (Spain)

Writer and teacher. Magdalena writes novels, short stories, literary columns and poems. Since 1998, she imparts courses on a wide range of subjects such as Creative Writing, Short Story, Sequential Novel, Writing and Gestalt, Autobiographical Writing and Psychology of Creativity, as well as writing seminars focused on personal development. She has a degree in Gestalt Therapy. She is the author of several journal articles and short stories published in different anthologies: ‘Lisboa’ (‘NH’ shortlisted in 2001), ‘Calor’ (Trentacuentos; Casabierta Editorial 2008) ‘Foundry’ (02 Stories; Tres rosas amarillas, 2011). Magdalena is also the author of two novels: Those who cry alone (Gens Ediciones, 2005) and The heart of the statues (Gens Ediciones, 2007).