Words of solidarity: The creation of an affective dictionary

The Italian NGO Enel Cuore along with Scuola Holden and Giagiancome Feltrinelli publishing group are gathering in a book  words that are important for the world of solidarity

Le parole che sono importanti is a publishing initiative comprised in a sort of “affective dictionary” conceived with the aim of creating new ways of  telling the activities and projects that, day by day, give assistance and help thousands of people.

The first stage of the project involves a web campaign  through social networking in order to enable a space to all those who wish to participate and give a word of solidarity to this initiative. After this first approach, Scuola Holden will encourage and reinforce participation among authors and writers willing to contribute with their own words.

The book rights will be fully transferred to the Associazione Celus Onlus, supported by Enel Cuore in favor of the families and the children of the neighborhood with the will to struggle against school dropout and build up new recreational areas for both children and young people.

If you are interested in taking part of this initiative, translate your word into Italian and, please, visit: http://leparolechesonoimportanti.enelcuore.org/