Winners per language 2019 / Flash Fiction Contest

After the first race of our EACWP Flash Fiction Contest, 13 winning texts (one per each participating language) have been proudly selected for the last European round. You may find all the texts here both in the original language and in English and make your own top ranking. Popular votes will be opened until June 1st, 2019 at 13.00 pm (CET)

We are delighted to announce that 1729 European texts have participated in the first round of this second edition of our EACWP Flash Fiction Contest.

Hence, we would like to deeply thank all the participants not only for strictly addressing the creative and literary challenge of the contest itself but, especially, for enriching this initiative with their beautiful languages, diversity and talent. Thanks, as well, to all the leading institutions and its volunteers that have been kindly and professionally involved into this first round.

Ultimately, thank you all for supporting us in this common will for writing Europe, re-inventing Europe and dreaming Europe creatively and seriously.

The winner will be announced in June, 30, 2019. Popular votes are open from May, 15th until June, 1st (click here to vote). You can read all the texts and choose your favourite here.

May the best European text win!

Good luck & best wishes to all!