Vinyl Poetics | Open online project

With radio play writer, musician, dj and vinyl archivist Kalle Aldis Laar (the Temporary Sound Museum). An online project of the Vienna Poetry School. From 25 november until 9 December 2021

Vinyl Poetics

a selection of 28 records is the starting point.

currently, they are part of an exhibition at the vienna poetry school (sfd), showing “examples of poetic messages on record of an overwhelming wealth and variety”, “originating in the shadow of commercial pop production”, between 1950 and now.

the exhibition features no sound, no poetry, no music or text. only the album covers offer an entrance into poetic worlds, invite or repel, explain or remain cryptic.28 of these album covers were selected for the sfd online class. they should inspire to create, as a free starting point for direct interpretation, silent inspiration or any other type of examination the participants choose. (see images of the covers above, once registered, the covers can be viewed in full size)

each participant selects a cover (a total of up to seven), searches for, analyses, speculates about the sounds and texts of the record; invents his/her own, new ones – what might “fit” better? answers to the input, interprets, celebrates or ignores them, takes a position. colour, graphics, images, text, all parts of the cover can be at the beginning (and the end). what is created is poetry, spoken word, lyrics or other short poetic texts which, in the end, will be juxtaposed with the “original” and commented by kalle laar. texts can be in german or english.

the online project is open for participation from 25 november until 9 december 2021.participation is free of charge. just click on “teilnahme” above. if you do not yet have an sfd account, please register from 25 november here all text contributions of participants and reviews by kalle laar are public. please note: each participant can take part with a maximum of 7 contributions.

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