Vienna Poetry School: Terror, assault, anthrax – Poems to our surveillants

An online activity accompanied and commented by Ilija Trojanow is taking place in the Austrian school since the 3rd of February up to the 13th of April. The experience is open to new participants who could perfectly rise up whether in German, English or even in a «cryptically encoded esperanto» 

Ilija Trojanow

The subversive invitation to the course goes so:  Let’s give the sorely afflicted intelligence agencies poems! It is so easy. We do not have to personally address the NSA, BSSO, HND or BND – a few «provoking words“ in the online text are sufficient in order to gain their attention. What’s there to be said against melodious words such as «Al-quaida», «Sayyid Qutb», «anthrax» oder «Assassin» in a poem? Or against sheer onomatopoetic ones like «guantánamo» or emotionally stirring ones such as «homeland security»? Nothing! Therefore, let us use them and many other keywords that make the alarms of our surveillants go off.

What a great picture: confused surveillants report to their superiors a surge of poems on the web which mention «prism», «tempora», «narus» and all those other terms of surveillance technology and developers. The source of this disturbing poetry virus would be located in Austria, in a small poetry school. Therefore, take part in our online activity!

The contributions will be commented by Ilija Trojanow in a linguistic as well as a system-critical manner, from a writer who had to experience first-hand what surveillance in a the naked new world means.

Duration of the class: 3 february – 13 april 2014.

For participation, please, visit:


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