Vienna Poetry School: Sound poetry performance and exhibition opening

On the 14th of May at 19.00, the Austrian school will present a double-feature evening: «Soundlines», its acoustic poetry series with the Slovakian artist Zuzana Hurásová along with the   opening exhibition of «Moby Dick-filleted», a limited edition of Melville’s book published by Harpune Verlag that combines literature and visual art. The exhibition will last from the 15th of May to the 14th of November, 2014




Vienna Poetry School’s series on acoustic poetry, curated by Jürgen Berlakovich and Jörg Piringer, this time presents the Slovakian artist and author Zuzana Husárová. The transmedia-artist, who lives in Bratislava, will present samples of her multilayered work in a mix between lecture and performance.

The mediation of acoustic literature already has a long tradition in the history of the schule für dichtung (the Vienna Poetry Scool). Ernst Jandl, Gerhard Rühm and Henri Chopin are among those poets who, in their readings and workshops, have regularly dealt with the wide variety of forms and developments that comprise acoustic literature.

At irregular intervals beginning in 2013, lecture-performances will be organised on this topic at the schule for dichtung (sfd). Authors and artists will talk about their work in this intermediate zone between sound and literature, and present examples of it in the form of short live performances.

In this ocassion, it seems very fitting for the evening that Zuzana Husárová, in addition to her many other talents, is also a phantastic book designer, because after Soundlines, sfd will inaugurate its new exhibition:

Moby dick – filleted. A book-in-progress-project by Harpune Verlag.”

mobydick_harpuneFounded in 2010 by Sarah Bogner and Josef Zekoff, Harpune publishes exclusive artist’s books in limited editions which combine literature and visual arts in a most beautiful way.

In addition to publications by Hermann, Burger, Schorsch Kamerun, Janathan Meese or Elfie Semotan, Harpune also takes care of the fantastic big and long-term project «Moby Dick fillet», a serial new edition of Herman Melville’s century novel. Thereby, an artist illustrates each of the 137 chapters which are published as single «fillets» in a non-chronological order. Up until now twenty such «bites» of Moby Dick have been published. If the current publishing frequency is kept, one can count on the last artistic fish finger in eleven years and the «book» will be roughly two meters thick.

What is already here, this is what we want to show, how it all came about and what else will follow, about all this we will talk at our vernissage with Sarah Bogner and Josef Zekoff.
And Christian Rothmaler presents fillet nr. 17 The Ramadan together with the sound installation whales sing satie by Fritz Ostermayer and Sarah Bogner.

The exhibition will last from 15 may to 14 november at Vienna Poetry School.

Zuzana Hurásova

husarova(1983) is a postdoc scholar and author in the field of electronic literature, teaching at Comenius University  and Masaryk University, an ex-Fulbright scholar at MIT, USA (2011). She is the author of experimental literature across various media, has created sound poetry, interactive digital poetry and transmedia poetry. She has collaborated with Lubomír Panák on interactive literary pieces (Enter: in’ Wodies, I: *ttter, BA-Tale, Pulse). She co-authored with Amalia Roxana Filip transmedia projects liminal and lucent (visual poetry books, sound poetry and live performances, has collaborated with four artists on a multimedia performance phenomena research. Zuzana Husárová co-edited with Bogumiła Suwara a publication on electronic literature research V sieti strednej Európy: nielen o elektronickej literatúre and with Martin Solotruk a project about contemporary European poetry: European poetry forum (

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