Vienna Poetry School call for text submissions 2020

Our Austrian colleagues are looking for short literary texts on the topic of “ghosts” for sfd& gespenster (ghosts), magazine of the vienna poetry school #02. The deadline for submissions is July, 15th, 2020

Unpublished short texts in German and English are welcome from Austria and abroad! The length of each submission may have a maximum of 3,000 characters and all literary genres are accepted. A jury will select the texts for publication. For details on the call for texts and participation see the description below.

“Gespenster” (ghosts)

In the first edition of our Austrian colleague’s magazine sfd&, rage was the driver; in the second edition they are driven: by ghosts. And other creatures of an absent present. And vice versa.

Who or what is meant today when there is talk about ghosts? What does it mean to be haunted by ghosts? With which type of spectre are we confronted? Quite early on ghosts have left their literary haunts – moors, graves, castles and other “haunted houses” – and have nested in the construct of ideas of philosophy and psychoanalysis. And they have done so with such force that they have haunted cultural studies in many forms as metaphors, codes and discourse figures.

Despite being charged by theory, ghosts are – as border phenomena between this world and the beyond, visibility and invisibility, fascination and fear –  of course still a playground for our imagination; it doesn’t matter if these are the good old ghosts who “only” gave us a fright, because we could neither read their messages nor their strange state of aggregation. Or if it is about the new ghosts whose absent presence troubles us as much with their omnipresent fake images of our media reality as with the phantom-like stagings of our own selves in the social networks. The old ghosts around us were only spooky, the new ones in us are just creepy.

No matter what nature your ghosts may be: make them literary! Ghost stories, spirit poetry, spooky mini dramas and other texts on uncanniness are welcome. We are looking forward to protocols of séances, diaries of appearances and manifestos of the non-manifest.

sfd& gespenster (ghosts) should listen to the response of current poetic production to the past diversity of cultural ghost production. Although ghosts may raise many doubts with their appearance, there is little doubt that ghosts are again in high demand. One only has to believe in them.

Call for text submissions

sfd& gespenster

magazine of the vienna poetry school #02

deadline for submissions: 15 July 2020

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Topic: ghosts

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