Vienna Poetry School: The Phonetic typewriter online class

The course proposes the «raucous typewriter» as a «pocket-orchestra» to be researched, explored and played with in its variety of possible expressions. It will last until the 2nd. of January, 2014

phont_mit schrift

Orhan Kipcak

Devoted to Henri Chopin’s poésie sonore, Phont is an online typewriter as well as a sound poetry machine that the Vienna Poetry School is performing by integrating characters of the international phonetic alphabet into a virtual keyboard. The project is an idea of Orhan Kipcak carried out with his team, and the ambitioned thought behind aims not only to develop a software to create fragments of experimental language but also to capture and crystallize some abstracts processes of language itself into analytic systematisation. In other words: to translate music into phisicality. «In the same manner as Chopin in the 1950s used an audiotape as a lyric device —Orhan Kipcak explains—, we use computers as poetic instruments.»

Peter Glaser narrates how writing as a means to change the world in 1979 demanded a great devotion to the cause for someone who was not potentially becoming a pop star but a writer. «During the punk-era  —Glaser remarks—, music was the unchallenged queen of disciplines.» The creation of  Phont resorts to a certain nostalgia for the lost music writers somehow recovered since the invention of computers. «My fascination for these machines was due to the fact that they were the first typewriters, that enabled us to produce noise, which one could even perceive as ‘musical’.»

Peter Glaser

Both Orhan Kipcak and Peter Glaser will be the online class teachers. The Phont course will be conducted by Kipcak over the course of the next 5 weeks, and after that by Peter Glaser until the end of the year. In their own teaching period, they will comment your contributions. If you need the comment in English, please write (english) besides the title of your sound piece.

In order to participate, you only need to register with your user name and password on this web, where you could also check the key functions of the course. Participation fee is not requiered.

For detailed abstracts, please read Kipcak & Glaser’s reviews.