The origins of the Melting Plot Project

In 2002, Alessandro Baricco and the electronic music duo Air performed together in Teatro Valle in Rome. The Melting Plot Project is an outcome of this experimental search

Air+and+Alessandro+Baricco+air++bariccoCity is a book. The idea was to read some pages of it loud, in a theatre full of people with musical accompaniment throughout. We did this is Rome, in November of 2002. It went well. The audience applauded and we enjoyed ourselves. So the idea became: to make a CD in which a voice is reading surrounded by music. We recorded the CD in Paris, one month later. The idea is now to make a video game. But we’re not really sure about that”.

-Baricco & Air.


Air-City-Reading-Tre-250455More than a decade ago, Alessandro Baricco, founder of  Scuola Holden (Turin) began to investigate and experience new possibilities of “storytelling”. Out of this trial, some pieces came up such as the ones performed in the “City Reading ” (City, Tre storie Western) project, which were possible thanks ​​to a couple of musicians that flipped out with the story he told them: the electronic music duo “Air”.

These are some of the tentative origins of the Melting Plot project that started almost two months ago in Turin with the first performances in Le Founderie Limone gathering six artists from three different artistic disciplines (literature, music and visual art) and from three different European cities (Turin, Vienna and Madrid). Then, it was Vienna’s turn to embrace a second group in Palais Kabelwerk and now, for the last stop of the Melting Plot tour, Casa del Lector/ Matadero-Madrid  on June, 28 will set the stage up for the last two shows.

In the following video, some of the inspirational basis of Melting Plot are well conspicuously rooted.

Baricco & Air