The EACWP on the New Writing journal

New Writing, a leading creative writing journal, celebrates its 10th volume anniversary. As part of the commemorative edition, the New Writing staff have put together an online collection of articles, including an article on EACWP written collectively by EACWP members

new writing eacwp


New writing is an editorial effort assembled on the pursuit of gathering world-wide voices around all different personal and public Creative Writing stories. For the past 10 years, New writing has aimed to support and spread new challenges, initiatives and ideas inspired by both critical and creative work. As part of the 10th anniversary celebration, the journal will be freely available online until December, 31, 2013 on this link.

This first article on the EACWP we proudly share here is also a glimpse of a 8 years journey since November 2005 with the creation of the European Network of Creative Writing Programmes as a response to an openly confessed need and desire for closer European cooperation in Creative Writing.

Hence, the EACWP joins New writing’s celebrations. Our gratitute to its devoted work.