The beat goes on | 30th anniversary of the Vienna Poetry School

We are delighted to heartfully join the beat of this celebration, taking place on October, 13 (2022) in the occasion of the 30th anniversary of our Austrian colleagues. Poets & bands on stage plus Lydia Haider & special guest Anne Waldman will be some of the greatest surprises!

Around the year 590 b.c.e., Sappho, the mother of all teaching poets, instructed her students not only in the art of poetry, but also in music, song and dance. of course, even in the Vienna Poetry School there is no hierarchical order between poetry and lyrics. sfd midwife Allen Ginsberg as well as co-founder Christian Ide Hintze saw themselves not only as writing poets, but also as performers in the musician tradition of the minnesingers up to the hobos. Not to mention Hintze’s ingenious coup of getting Mr. Nick Cave to teach a love-song class. So many pop-cultural docking points are just crying out for a concert evening de luxe as the final birthday party. With poetry bands from the sfd’s circle of friends such as:

Dental Princes. One foot in the blues, one elbow in the ‘wienerlied’, the belly blushing under the several suns of concrete poetry, then a head in ‘schansons’ beyond all taste meridians: the “Dental Princes” always hurt a bit. Originally, these were the two Iowa-Viennese Lucy (cello) and Ann Cotten (lyrics, voc), completed to a trio with Mario Schlager (amstetten/git). As “transcendental princes” it gets a bit more psychedelic with Bernhard Scheiblauer (keyboard) and David Bergstötter (drums) from the “third hand”.

Erstes Wiener Heimorgelorchester. The best boy band since kraftwerk, no: since the ‘wiener gruppe’! and almost as old as sfd! the dreamteam Thomas Pfeffer, Jürgen Plank, Daniel and Florian Wisser marry the most charming home electronic hits with the most linguistically playful “avantgarde” poetry. Whoever calls one album “die letten werden die esten sein” and another “wir haben die orgeln nur von unseren kindern geborgt” (we only borrowed the organs from our children) has done everything right in the precarious field of pop and humor.

Smashed to Pieces. Aka the authors and musicians Verena Dürr, David Dada Hoffmann and Jakob Kraner. According to their self-definition they have been performing since 2018: punk/spoken word/falsetto. the band name is a homage to Lawrence Weiner’s now removed lettering on the flakturm in Vienna’s Esterházypark, the songs are “mood reports from the mental half-light” and they feel sufficiently understood by Ingeborg Bachmann: “the carnage takes place within the permitted and the conventions.”

The Very Pleasure. Man suffers, so he sings! In this case in a duet as a pair run of two shattered souls. The voices of Oliver Welter (naked lunch) and Fritz Ostermayer couldn’t be more different, one tremoloing high above, the other grumbling low below. all in all, this results in the essence of hysteria and mourning. Between major and minor, the dirt piles up and from afar, one hears love songs to Werner Schwab, Flannery O’connor and Procol Harum.



Lydia Haider (Vienna), writer, performer and sfd-teacher >>

& Special guest
Anne Waldman (New York/Boulder), poet, performer/sprechstimme, librettist, professor, literary curator and cultural activist, co-founder (together with allen ginsberg) of the jack kerouac school of disembodied poetics at naropa university in boulder, colorado/usa

Afterwards: dj  barbi marković


Short class led by Anne Waldman
“Entanglement poetics. Hybrid of protest and performance”

Oct 12 and 13, teaching language: english
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