Teachers’ Interchange Program: Escuela de Escritores in Paris

From the 12th to the 14th of June, Rubén Abella and Luis Luna from Escuela de Escritores will impart two workshops in our French associated schools in Paris: Aleph-Écriture and Les Ateliers d’écriture Elisabeth Bing. This pedagogical experience will be displayed in parallel to the EACWP Xth symposium and within the frame of our Teachers’ Interchange Program

Micro Fiction, the real story by Rubén Abella

Micro fiction is much more complex a genre than it appears at first sight. In fact, sharp narrative tools are required —brevity being just one of them— in order to write successful pieces. In this workshop we shall see what exactly makes micro fiction work. We shall study the connections of the genre with other fields of creation, such as photography. And, most importantly, we shall put pen to paper and write our own micro-stories.

Teacher: Rubén Abella (writer and teacher at the Escuela de Escritores, Madrid).

June 12th -14th • 3 days • 18 h • 270 € for individual participants • 130 € deposit • if supported by French employer: 540 €

Rubén Abella

rubenabella-culturamasholds a degree in English Literature and has completed postgraduate studies at the universities of Tulane (New Orleans, USA) and Adelaide (Australia).
His first novel,  The shadow of the escapist, received the 2002 Award for Fiction ‘Torrente Ballester’ and his second one, The book of the elusive love,  was finalist of ‘Nadal’ Award in 2009.
In 2007, It would not have been the same without the rain won the ‘Mario Vargas Llosa NH’ Story Award. This fortunate foray into the genre of short story was revalidated in 2010 with Fish’s eyes. In 2011, he published his third novel, Baruc on the river.
Rubén Abella combines writing with photography and teaching. He has given courses and lectures on various subjects in universities around the world and is a professor at Escuela de Escritores and at Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid.

Geometrician of Silence by Luis Luna

Writing poetry is, above all, a different way to look. Only if we learn to replace our way to observe reality, conditioned and directed, we can do the work of building language rooms where poetry lives. The knowledge of the relations between the poet and the reader provides us with a specific and private language. This private language needs some techniques: semantic fields, estrangement (or l’écart theory), rhythm (poetry texts like sheet music), the emotional synapse between words (gestalt theory), etc. If we learn it, we can be some kind of geometrician, geometrician of silence.

Teacher: Luis Luna (poet and teacher at Escuela de Escritores, Madrid).

June 12th-14th• 3 days • 18 h • 270 € for individual participants • 130 € deposit • If supported by French employer: 540 € • Language: English • Location: Les ateliers d’écriture Elisabeth Bing


Luis Luna

luislunais a poet and visual artist. He directs the collection of fragmentary poetry Amargord editions and he is also part of the editorial board of Heterogeneous journal.
He has published The forest ranger’s notebook , Al Rihla (The journey), The shady territory, Almond (a book-album in collaboration with Lourdes de Abajo with engravings by Juan Carlos Mestre and preliminary words by Antonio Gamoneda, Umbilical and iciness plaque engraved by Miguel Ángel Curiel.
His collected works have been published in the U.S. under the title Languaje rooms. Gathered poetry. He has been featured in the International Poetry Review.
His work appears in numerous anthologies collection such as Everything is poetry except poetry; Leakage of nothing ; The river of friends, tribute to Antonio Gamoneda , 12 +1 , an anthology of contemporary madrileñ@s poets amongst other titles. His installations have been seen at events such as the Biennial of Contemporary Art Cabo de Gata- Nijar, ‘ Metamorphosis ‘ I Festival of Arts of Gredos (Ávila) and the ‘Fira Mágica’ in Tarragona. In addition , his works can be seen outdoors in the space of land art ‘ Cerrogallinero ‘ in Ávila.