Writing summer camp in Andros island

From June, 24 to July, 3, our colleague Linda Lappin (USA / Italy) will be imparting a multi-genre prose workshop focused on the process of world building in our writing, resorting to her recent awarded work ‘The soul of place’ as well as to the ancestral landscape and mythic soil of one of the Greek Cycladic islands: Andros. Registration is already open.

Sense-making, Self-making, Poem-making in the “English that is theirs”

In the light of Dan Disney’s book ‘Exploring Second Language Creative Writing: Beyond Babel’, our colleague Linda Lappin (US / Italy), reflects on the prevailing demands and challenges of creative writing teaching in L1 and L2 level in the context of what Disney has ellucidated as the “tripartite relationship of languages, literature, and identity.” Empowering, playful and transformative has been some of the values that Lappin has highlighted from this collection of seven essays in her review published by Centro Pokkoli’s blogspot: “It builds self-confidence and is essentially humanizing”

‘The Soul of Place–A Creative Writing Workbook’ by Linda Lappin

In this engaging creative writing workbook, novelist, poet and colleague Linda Lappin (USA / Italy) presents a series of insightful exercises to help writers of all genres—literary travel writing, memoir, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction—discover imagery and inspiration in the places that have moved their own sensitivity.

EACWP spiritual wonder: Linda Lappin

Linda Lappin presents in this work a priviledged sight of the European challenge viewed from her American background along with her twenty years …

Using myth: a focus on Katabasis

In the EACWP 1st. pedagogical conference in Paris (Nov, 2012), Linda Lappin offered a workshop in which she brought to light the …

Signatures in Stone by Linda Lappin

The American writer and EACWP member Linda Lappin publishes her new novel Signatures in Stone (Caravel Mystery Books) Linda Lappin (Tennessee, 1953) …