Scuola Holden: #Wehaveadream

Thanks to the new partnership sealed with Telecom Italy, Scuola Holden has inaugurated a creative laboratory for the development of multimedia projects


Over the three years partnership, the progress of one main project is currently expected for the 2013 course at the Italian school: # WEHAVEADREAM . The initiative will encourage students to write together their dream, a writing collaborative social experiment in the ocassion of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s famous speech. The first project # WEHAVEADREAM is already on the go since the 7th of October and will last ten weeks. It will take place entirely online, while ten big issues addressed to ten renowned writers will generate a collective reeanactment of the Martin Luther King’s speech.

By starting with a keyword taken from the original speech, each author will reflect on current issues concerning King’s text with a tweet a day, thus becoming a sort of guide for users, who may participate with the topic proposed on the tweet. Every day, four tweets released by Twitter users will be selected for the authors to write a short story. All stories will be published later on this website , while forty of them will be selected in order to create a sort of «new speech», which in December will become a digital reference source thouroughly available on the website .

Stefano Bartezzaghi, Mauro Berruto, Matthew B. Bianchi, Claudia De Lillo ( Elasti ), Diego De Silva , Tito Faraci , Gad Lerner, Richard Moon , Guglielmo Scilla , Giovanni Veronesi are some of the writers involved in the project. Additionally, the words chosen out of Martin Luther King’s speech are: faith , freedom, hope , happiness , justice , beginning, brotherhood , equality, dignity, uprightness.

Along with # WEHAVEADREAM, Scuola Holden is also performing a second Project for 2013: Buena Onda. This activity will involve a web content production published by directors, writers or musicians specifically designed  for the web audience with the aim to spread them on the network and, hence, create a decentralized , participatory and connected community.

This new partnership with Telecom Italy has enabled the school to display  three different classrooms equipped with the latest technological generation for audiovisual production. Additionally, the new platforms will provide a high-quality content transmission available on the web in live streaming and on-demand as a tool for educational activities as well as an innovative teaching methodology.