Scriptum magazine. Volume II

The first 2015 volume of Scriptum, the Creative Writing Research Journal edited by Jyvässkylä University has been recently published and is now available on the web. The magazine is bilingually released both in Finnish and English and open to worldwide contributors


Scriptum, the new magazine of European open access, offers in its second lifetime volume a special edition reviewing a significant spectrum of lectures, papers and keynotes presented and discussed within the frame of our II International Pedagogical Conference celebrated in Finland (October, 2014).

Some of the collaborators of this edition such as Alain André (Aleph-Écriture) and Fritz Ostermayer’s (Vienna Poetry School) are representatives and members from our different EACWP schools. Along with them, some other conference assistants such as poet Philip Gross (University of South Wales), Jurate Sucylaites (Lithuania) and Hanna Kuusela (Finland) enriched the compilation with valuable and noted contributions regarding diverse fields and approaches to the Creative writing field of research and reflection.

The articles are officially archived with permanent address and with page numbers, which provides the opportunity of academic research by enabling the possibility of direct quotation from the bibiographical source.

These are some of the topics addressed to this second edition:

  • Alain André: Do our early readings matter for the way we write and teach?
  • Fritz Ostermayer: Creativity is overrated! Is creativity overrated?
  • Philip Gross: “Roots in the air…”Tthe teaching of Creative Writing in Uk universities.
  • Jūratė Sučylaitė: Creative Writing as a tool in rehabilitation and educational work.
  • Hanna Kuusela: Writing Together. What is happening now in the area of collaborative writing?

Scriptum is a scholarly publication that the Department of Arts and Culture Studies of Jyväskylä University launched in the spring of 2014. The journal is headed by the editor-in-chief, Risto Niemi-Pynttäri, representative of the Finnish university as PHD in Poetics and social media writing. As well, Daniel Soukup, our EACWP board member, is taking part of the editorial committee.

Additionally, thanks to its bilingual Finnish/English dimension, Scriptum welcomes articles and reviews not only from EACWP members, but other worldwide contributors.

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