Reijo Virtanen (1959-2020)

With great pity and sorrow, we inform to our EACWP family and friends that our colleague Reijo Virtanen passed away last Wednesday after a long illness. EACWP members express our deep sadness for his loss and send our love and support to his family and most beloved ones

Reijo Virtanen (Oulu, 1959-2020) was one of the EACWP founders. Over all these years, most of our main projects and initiatives could not have been possible without his valuable work, honest enthusiasm and true compromise. However, much more than a committed, excellent colleague, he was our friend.

Reijo was a sensitive, generous, smart and adorable man, who dreamt and worked for a Europe faithfully built on education, culture and diversity —always fond of its beautiful languages— and who experienced all our EACWP projects, activities and encounters always so heartfully, so full of joy. He definitely owned a rare, scarce flower: the flower of purity and innocence. Like a strong, nordic Quixote from the Finnish Kalevala.

We will closely keep in our hearts all the memories of the intimate, special and meaningful moments we spent together in Finland, especially, at Oriveden Opisto, his always hospitable, welcoming home, and, of course, all around Europe. May his biggest legacy —his enlightening, sheer friendship— continue encouraging and inspiring us.

Big kiitos for all, Reijo.

Rest in peace, dear friend.