RED: the association of Creative Writing Programs of the Americas

From October, 11 to October, 14 academics and authors of the most reknown and experienced centers of creative writing in the continent celebrated the III Encounter  organised and hosted by the Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz (UPSA) in Bolivia. Our president Javier Sagarna attended the event in representation of the EACWP and Escuela de Escritores (Madrid)

In the spirit of some of the EACWP values, the RED (as it has been recently designated) aims to embrace and structure a Spanish speaking community of creative writing programs in the USA and in Latin America. Hence, after the sucess of the previous meetings in Bogotá and in El Paso, the objective of this new encounter sought to consolidate the association of the Creative Writing Programs of the Americas with the signing of its operating statutes in order to setting the foundations for future pedagogical and strategic cooperation. The next  meeting of the RED will be celebrated in March, 2019 in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

The founding members attending the encounter, in this occasion, were: Universidad Javeriana (Colombia), Universidad Central de Bogotá (Colombia), Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (Argentina), Universidad de Texas (USA), Universidad de Nueva York (USA), Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz (Bolivia), Casa de Letras (Argentina) and Escuela de Escritores (Spain). It is also expected, in short, the incorporation of some other members such as University of Iowa, Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Universidad Diego Portales (Chile).

The Board was also elected over the encounter and headed by José de Piérola from UTEP (president), Blanca Herrera from Escuela de Letras (secretary), Magela Baudoin from UPSA and Rubén Ríos Ávila from NYU (vocals).

In addition to the exclusive coordination and discussion sessions of the network itself, two workshops were held: one for narrative and one for chronicle. Both were addressed to students and graduates of UPSA’s creative writing program. Likewise, there were three lectures open to all public. The first one was about teaching and learning creative writing methodologies. The second was related to literary translation matters and the third one about the importance of reading, in which our president, Javier Sagarna, participated together with María Negroni from UTREF.

In the clear aim for integration and cooperation among diverse institutions devoted to the teaching of creative writing, the agreement of mutual cooperation between the RED and the EACWP has been reaffirmed and enthusiastically projected for the near future.

From the EACWP we eagerly celebrate this new achievement of our American colleagues, wishing them an exciting year of new collaborative paths and new inspiring experiences.