NAWE’s conference 2016

From the 11th to the 13th of November (2016), the National Association of Writers in Education will celebrate its XXII conference in the beautiful medieval town of Stratford-upon Avon during the Shakespeare 400 celebrations. Proposals are now invited, with an extended deadline of 22 May 2016


Since 1994, NAWE (National Association of Writers in Education) has been presiding over an Annual Conference which gathers around worldwide participants involved in the teaching of writing, enabling writers and their colleagues in education to share their experience of teaching writing at all levels and to address current issues. Each year, the conference runs from Friday lunchtime through to Sunday midday, with special guests reading in the evenings after dinner.

As every year, the event will be documented in the NAWE Magazine and in the Writing in Education journal.

Call for proposals

The NAWE Conference invites writers and teachers  to share their various approaches to writing and to the teaching and researching of creative writing at all levels.

Proposals should consist of a brief (100 word) outline, exactly as you would wish the session to be described in the programme, plus biographical information on all presenters (50 words each). Workshops, panel presentations and academic papers are all welcome. Please indicate the preferred type and length of your proposed contribution, eg: workshop (75 or 90 mins); shared presentation and discussion (75 or 90 mins); paper or other solo presentation (20 or 30 mins, to form part of a larger session planned by NAWE).

The call for proposals is now open, and this year we have introduced an online submission process. Simply follow the instructions on the Proposals page.


Booking is now open, and will close on 7 October 2016.

About NAWE

NAWE is the one organization supporting the development of creative writing of all genres and in all educational and community settings throughout the UK. It is currently a EACWP honorary member after signing an agreement of mutual membership over the participation of our president Javier Sagarna in the last conference in Bristol (November, 2014).