Milton Class: Me, Bach and six silences

The Italian musician Mario Brunello has started already to play the six Suites for violoncello by Bach for his Milton Class at Scuola Holden. The first one will be on sale from the 18th of November on

In Scuola Holden they say that Brunello is a man of few words. Maybe because at his fifty years he has thoroughly reflected around what silence means: «(A silence) is not necessarily a noiseless place. Let’s say a silence, for me, is a place that has a presence to our eyes and to our ears. It stands there, with its personality. Above all, what interests me is a specific kind of silence, the silence in which music is born».

This is the poetics that warms up Brunello’s Suites as a prelude (they are Bach’s but they will also be Brunello’s). Each Suite will be played by the Italian musician in a different place throughout the year. The first one will be performed at Arte Sella, a valley in the Dolomites which has become, over the years, a sort of museum of artworks all made with the materials offered by forests (apparently, the one called «The Cathedral» is unmissable).

After seeing the video of the Suite, you could upload your video on YouTube —a maximum of 15 seconds— where shown what for you is a place of silence similar Brunello’s Artesella. He will see them and choose 15 of the silences that are closest to his idea.

For this first experience, the musician is fascinated by one idea: «It is curious how we will not even have to leave home for us to be in the same silence».

The cost of this first Suite is 5 euros.

Milton Class is a pedagogical initiative focused on encouraging a diversity of experiences available through a web platform that enables a virtual interaction  in order to open them up to a wider audience.

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