South Gate School of Creative Writing

The South Gate Creative Writing School  represents a portal that opens into the world of imagination and creativity. And so, upon deciding to enter, artists begin the journey of exploring, improving, and creating works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s literature, scripts, plays, and creative rhetoric to reach others by way of the art of writing, expression, and communication. While also learning the business of creative writing: getting published, writing articles, blogging, building a platform, writing book and business proposals, film funding, and more.

The South Gate Creative Writing School expects students who are passionate about writing and welcome the rigorous curriculum, who are determined to pursue writing careers. Most writers have known all their lives that they were writers, but for many reasons, haven’t fulfilled that dream. Now, there is a school with a collection of talented and published instructors who have all focused their knowledge and expertise into developing a curriculum for students to not only complete novels, memoirs, chapbooks, children’s series, feature films, and advertising campaigns, but to mentor students to find agents, publishers, and to use their degree in creative writing to become professional writers.