University of Southern Denmark

In 2006, a new minor was launched at SDU in Kolding. Inspired by the Writer’s Academy in Copenhagen and the fast-spreading Creative Writing programs in English speaking countries, the new minor was anchored in the course Text Production, which is taught by a published author who guides students in their non-academic and mainly fictive writing.

Profile: A bridge between art and academia

Text Production exams are designed so as to grade students, not for the quality of their fiction, but rather for their theoretically based meta-commentary on that production. To ensure the feasibility of the program in a university environment, the Creative Writing program in Denmark has a preponderance of academically oriented courses on topics such as text analysis, narratology, rhetoric, and history of writing and media.


  • Production: improving skills in writing in different genres
  • Analysis: learning to evaluate aesthetic quality
  • Theory: knowing the theoretical background to reflect upon writing processes


  • to give students practical and theoretical qualifications in the production of fiction and non-fiction texts in Danish
  • to give the students the opportunity to make optimal use of competences from their majors, in written and oral communication in different media.

Skrivekunst/Creative Writing emphasizes practical-productive work with text production and theoretical-analytical reflection on practice.

Perspectives: work with aesthetic production in academic education dissolves dichotomies between:

  • Literature and language
  • Production and analysis
  • Experience and academical approach
  • Identification and reflexion
  • Individual and group