Scuola Holden

Launched in 1994 in Turin with commitment to creating a course with clear objectives, contents and ground-breaking teaching approaches, Holden School is a school of writing and storytelling. We teach how to craft stories and how to integrate theoretical concerns with practical experience. But then again, no one can teach talent. During the last 16 sixteen years of experience Holden School honed its skills to the point of becoming a “laboratory”: if you have a story spinning in your mind, here you learn how to tell it in different ways and with different tools. But Holden School is much more than that; it boasts a cultural think tank of lectures, events, projects, contents and ideas.

“One idea started off Holden School: the idea of a school where storytellers could be trained. Not writers. Nor playwrights. Nor film directors. Just storyteller“.

Alessandro Baricco