schule für dichtung (sfd)

The poetry concept oscillates between writing and multimedia, between analog real world and digital, between native language, foreign language, and multilingualism. The Vienna Poetry School (sfd) was founded as an independent artists’ project in 1991 and started its work in april of 1992, with the organization of 12 classes and an international symposium on the topic of the teachability and learnability of literature.

The poetry school organizes instructive encounters with renowned authors. the focus is on practical exercise.

Along with analog and digital classes, the poetry school organizes symposia, concerts, readings, discussions, round table discussions, lectures, exhibitions, presentations, and multimedia performances.

Topics include written poetry, oral poetry, experimental poetry, audiovisual poetry, visual poetry, acoustic poetry, concrete poetry, performative poetry, poésie sonore, beat poetry, pop music, songwriting, film, video, new media, installations, and performances.

Following are some of the authors and artists who have worked at the poetry school: Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, Ed Sanders, Bob Holman, Anne Tardos (USA), Blixa Bargeld (Germany), Nick Cave (Australia), Humberto Ak’abal (Guatemala), Ayu Utami (Indonesia), Henri Chopin (France), Inger Christensen (Denmark), Fernando Rendón, Angela Garcia (Colombia), Huynh Khai Vinh (Vietnam), Andrej Novikov (Russia), H.C. Artmann, Gerhard Rühm, Wolfgang Bauer, Marlene Streeruwitz, Falco, Gert Jonke, Friederike Mayröcker, Roland Neuwirth, Felix Mitterer, Robert Schindel, Julian Schutting, Peter Rosei, Rosa Pock-Artmann, Christian Loidl, Christian Ide Hintze (Austria).

The sfd archives consist of numerous audio and video documentaries, which show the authors at work in the classes and on stage.

Artistic director: Fritz Ostermayer, author, musician, performer, radio editor & producer. Initiator of the sfd and its director until 2012: Christian Ide Hintze, lyricist, performance & multimedia poet.

the international crazy wisdom poetry school
shall save the human race.
bam pa ra da!
Allen Ginsberg, Vienna 1993