Oriveden Opisto

The Orivesi College of Arts at Tampere (Finland) is an adult college focusing on education of music, creative writing, computer games, and visual arts. The College provides one-school year programs (lines), summer workshops, and distant learning courses. It also organizes seminars, symposiums and conferences. The college is maintained by Ahlman school Foundation which provides also vocational education.

The one-school year programmes last 9 months. They focus on fiction writing, or drama and scriptwriting. The department also provides various short courses in summertime and longer multi-approach courses in wintertime. The students choose courses that best support their creative ambitions.

The teachers themselves are professional writers, editors, or critics. The working language of the courses is usually Finnish. However, the department also organizes international courses and conferences in English. Orivesi College of Arts also provides academic studies in close cooperation with the University of Jyväskylä. The Finnish open university system allows the students to achieve university credits in e.g. creative writing, literature, journalism, or pedagogy.