Laboratori de Lletres

At Laboratori de Lletres, we want to bring everything that writers know to people who are restless about reading and writing, always considering the aspirations of the students. We want to accompany each of them on their literary journey; for us, it is important that they feel at home and part of this family. Since 2011, we have worked hard to make this school a centre of creativity and literature that does not forget the personal development and emotional intelligence needed to be a good writer.

People who want to learn to write can choose between three-hour courses or monthly or quarterly courses to delve further into. For the ones who have a committed career path in mind, we also have the annual course Literary Project (aimed at those who want to work on their novel or book of stories from beginning to end), or the Master in Literary Creation: two years in which, in addition to developing their literary project, they learn the art and craft of writing, through creativity, technique, humanities, emotional coaching and many other subjects.

We also teach courses in libraries and schools. In addition, in 2017, at the request of the Catalan Department of Education, we prepared the didactic material for Creative Writing workshops for school groups from 6 to 15-year-olds throughout Catalonia and provided training to groups of teachers.

At Laboratori de Lletres, there is room for all kinds of needs related to written communication, which is why we also have the writing section for companies, with regular courses and adapted and personalized course options.