kitabat-for-webLebanese Association for the Development of Creative Writing Workshops

Kitabat holds creative writing workshops open to the general public, or specifically oriented towards children and young adults. These workshops take place in bookshops, public libraries, book fairs, schools and universities. They are co-organized by the structure that hosts them and Kitabat, as Kitabat does not function as a school with its own space but as an association of teachers.

We also hold training sessions with teachers of the same school (when the school is commissioning us to do so), or from different schools brought together by an institution such as the French Institute, the International Agency for the Development of French Language or Assabil, the Lebanese association for the development of public libraries.

We have also introduced creative writing workshops in universities, for young students, adults as well as for teachers who are interested in joining.

We are trying to develop workshops within institutions such as hospitals, specialized institutions for drug addicts or adolescents etc.