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jyvaskyla-university-mainphotoDepartment of Arts and Culture, Literature and Writing Studies

In Jyväskylä university, Arts and Culture studies Creative writing is a line of specialization in the advanced level of studies in literature. It combines creative writing, the pedagogy of writing and research. The studies lead to the degree of Master of Arts (literature as the main subject). It is also possible to complete a doctoral degree in creative writing.

The aim of the studies is:

1)      To familiarize oneself with writing on a theoretical level
2)      Developing textual skills and artistic working methods

A degree that emphasizes creative writing is the student’s specimen both artistically and research-wise. When conducting pro gradu -thesis work, one can utilize new possibilities of research. The student may, for example, include artistic work as a part of research or separate the two.

The studies on creative writing emphasize the student’s relationship with literature and the specialization on a particular theme in writing. The student may focus on a genre or the pedagogy of writing. Research can also be conducted on scriptwriting, translation, online writing or therapeutic writing.

The studies on creative writing will be integrated into the field of study of the thesis if possible. The methods of study will include e-learning and students will explore the field for example through essay writing and group work. The most centric parts of contact teaching are the seminar, which is organized once or twice per month, and a text workshop, which takes place on seminar dates and concentrates on the study of artistic work.