Escuela de Escritores

Escuela de Escritores is a literary centre focused on the teaching of writing, both creative writing (narrative, poetry, cinema, blogs, etc.) and business and professional writing. In Escuela de Escritores we think that writing is primarily a craft, a craft that can and should be learned. When practiced with enjoyment, it is fun; when undertaken with skill and talent, the craft becomes art. To teach this craft is why School of Writer’s exists.

The school’s strongest point have always been our teachers and their shared vision of the teaching of literary creation. The school has a team of more than fifty teachers coming from the farthest corners of the Spanish-speaking world who share two concerns, neither of which is accidental: a passion for teaching and the fact that they themselves are also writers. It is not essential to be a great writer –it is more important to be a great teacher–, but it is important to be close to the feelings and needs of a writer. Most of our teachers are former students, in this and in other schools and workshops, therefore they know well the learning processes that have helped them to grow as writers.

Small groups, personalized attention, a wide range of different courses and levels, writing and reading as a double tool for learning, are the baselines of our methodology. Escuela de Escritores has schools in Madrid, Burgos and Zaragoza, is also specialized in teaching creative writing in Internet and works with several companies and institutions in training their workers in effective writing.

Our Master in Narrative, a two year course that combines theory, practice and creativity classes, gives our students a complete aproach to the art and the craft of writing, and is the result of more than ten years of experience in teaching creative writing.