Escrever Escrever

Picture yourself in Lisbon’s old downtown, in a room with a view over the Tagus River. Here we write. We write around a table, in small groups whose elements have the same will to experiment writing, or develop it, whether it be literary, technical, or even experimental.

The old wooden floor has the flexibility that comes from feeling a lot of steps. Some come for one-month courses, some for a few days or only a Saturday. Some come to start, and there are those who stay for several months, because there are writings that cannot be microwaved. Academic background or knowledge isn’t the most important. There are no drawers here, just the will to write. And here, invariably, we write.

Every month, in Escrever Escrever, there are new courses, new proposals; all of them, always, carrying a pinch of “saudade”.

Escrever Escrever Passport

  • Born in Lisbon in February 2008;
  • The first writing specialised school in Portugal: Creative Writing, Portuguese Language, Literature, Technical Writing (professional and academic);
  • EACWP member (European Association of Creative Writing Programmes);
  • Offers about 30 different courses;
  • Provides courses specially designed for companies;
  • Almost 40 trainers, specialised in a lot of different areas, work with us;
  • Offers proofreading and translation services;
  • Has privileged contacts with Brazil and Portuguese-speaking African countries.