Creatief Schrijven

creatief-schrijven-mainphotoCreatief Schrijven supports non-professional writers. We offer writing courses and coaching as well as advice and guidance for beginning and advanced writers. We provide a platform to showcase literary work during writing competitions, literary performances and projects. Also international, like Parol! writing and art beyond walls, beyond borders and the European Championship Poetry Slam.

We offer courses range from a three years cycle (SchrijversAcademie) to week-end sessions. Some aim at developing general creative writing skills while others are focussed on specific areas like prose, autobiography, novel, poetry, short story, columns…

SchrijversAcademie is for people who want to become a professional writer. The teachers are renowned writers who like to share their knowledge and experience with the students. The study program focuses on fiction writing and poetry.

Creatief Schrijven also provides training for those who want to be a creative writing teacher and organizes seminars for experienced teachers.