Melting Plot project video: Madrid-Vienna

Between April and June 2013, six European artists (two writers, two musicians and two visual artists) travelled around three different European cities in order to tell a common story inspired by each city while blending literature, music and visual arts.

Turin, Vienna and Madrid were both the scenes and the stages of this multidisciplinary initiave which searched to investigate and experience new possibilities of «storytelling». The project was organised by Scuola Holden (Turin), Vienna Poetry School and Escuela de Escritores (Madrid) along with the support of the European Union.

The following video is a token selection of the Melting Plot show in Palais Kabelwerk in Vienna (May, 2013) and Casa del Letor-Matadero in Madrid (June, 2013) with the artists Bruno Galindo (writer), Lukas Lauermann (musician) and Luca Pastore (visual artist).

MELTING PLOT [Madrid|Vienna] from Lukas Lauermann on Vimeo.