Werdegang: The EACWP as a focus of academic study

Werdegang is a PhD-thesis documented and written by Marlen Schachinger and recently published as a volume of the European University Publications of Peter Lang editions (2013). The research focuses on a comparative  work between the learning process of autodidactic and academic studies within the field of Creative Writing. The thesis devotes one of its chapters to the EACWP history and development along with a series of interviews to some of our representatives from our institutional members. The full text is available as e-book




Schachinger’s abtract

This publication focuses in two parts. The first part concerns the advantages and disadvantages of autodidactic studies for prospective writers and in a second part studies the chances and disadvantages of those studying Creative Writing or Literary Writing – as it is called in the German speaking world – at the University. The thesis of a learning process analogy between the self-educated students and those in programs located in institutions was researched within the framework of this dissertation.

As was already assumed, they do differentiate in specific aspects, for instance, in regards to exchange. Those who give feedback on presented texts in a small group (one or two partners) of their own choosing, can be compared only marginally with the workshop process due to the number of people, the expected variety of opinions and the probability that similar aesthetic positioning among the majority can be found. The same is valid in respect to the establishing of a network, which is easier to do within the anchoring of an institution than for the individual self-educated person.

In order to make this possible for the prospective authors, some basic conditions must be fulfilled as expounded in this book. The institutional location should not hinder self-organized learning, which is why the curriculum should be kept as open as possible. The most possible options appropriate to the learning tempo of the individuals should be offered.

Compared with anglo-american countries Creative Writing as a study is still in the early stages of development, especially in german speaking countries. This might be seen as a chance to benefit from the experiences made in the USA and Great Britain.

About the EACWP

  • History & Development of the EACWP.
  • Members.
  • Extracts of interviews with Alain André, Gianluca Pallaro, Javier Sagarna, Daniel Soukup, Mariana Torres, Muriel Villanueva.
  • Short presentations of Aleph-Écriture, Casa de Letras, Escola d’Escriptura Ateneu Barcelonès, Escuela de Escritores Alonso Quijano, Escuela de Escritores, Literárí Akademie Soukromá vysoká škola Josefa Škvoreckého, Oriveden Opisto, Scuola Holden.
  • Problems & Possibilities: The point of view of other institutes on the EACWP.

Werdegang availability

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As e-book: http://www.peterlang.com/download/datasheet/68965/datenblatt_263914.pdf