Looking for an artist

Next Sunday (February, 24th) is the deadline for the Melting Plot project

Madrid, Turin and Vienna are looking for three artists each: one writer, one musician and one visual artist. The nine artists will meet and develop a multidisciplinary work sample around an European story by blending literature, music and visual art. The “melting plot” outcome will be performed in the three cities hosted by Escuela de Escritores (Madrid), Scuola Holden (Turin) and Schule für Ditchtung  (Vienna) along with the UE cooperation.

The experience of the city itself will be conspicuous material for the creative process. The local artist of the ensemble will show her/his city to the other two participants in a premeeting that will take place in the home city few weeks before. Then, the three artists together will create a “story” inspired by the host city, which will also be the scenary for the final performance. In other words, the city will be told in a melting plot key.

One of the singular values of the project comprises the opportunity of developing a three artists joint work along with other artists’ support from various European cultures, cities and languages. Furthermore, the experience itself reinforces the possibility of being discovered by an audience they would otherwise not reach.

The Melting Plot calendar has been scheduled as it follows:

-Turin: April, 12 and 13, 2013 (premeeting: March, 19- 22).

-Vienna: May, 23, 2013 (premeeting: May, 6- 8).

-Madrid: June, 27 and 28, 2013 (premeeting: June, 6- 8).

Travel and accommodation expenses will be afforded by the organizers and each artist will receive 1,500 euros for his/ her participation. For detailed information about the selection process go to www.meltingploteurope.com.

In Twitter find the project with the hashtag #MeltingPlot!