Le Coin Bleu: Windows of the world

Le Coin Bleu (Bruxelles) is one of our younger and most enthusiastic European partners. Aude Lafait is both the representative of the Belgian school and the coordinator of our EACWP year topic: Windows of the world. This annual theme was conceived during our XI symposium in Orivesi (May, 2013) as a need to find a way to develop EACWP projects that could be rehearsed by all the schools and universities without relying on European grants. With this first shot of renewed energy we officially inaugurate our 2016 EACWP cooperation initiatives. All new European partners willing to join us are welcome alongside our windows!


After going through a brainstorming session, the year topic confirmed by the majority of members in our last symposium in Madrid (May, 2015) was, indeed, Windows of the world. These are some of the interpretations proposed as potential ways to approach and develop this general image:

  • The window as the place we live in and the place we are seen from.
  • The window as a performing stage.
  • As a metaphor of all different points of view and the “crystal” we perceive the world through.
  • As a reflection of the time we live in.

Here is the Windows of the world  full project performed both in French and English by the students of Le Coin Bleu. Below, you may find a preliminary introduction.

People of Bruxelles

A Bruxelles, votre voisin est une fenêtre sur le monde – souvent il ne parle pas la même langue, il est parfois né sur un autre territoire, mais pas forcément. La diversité culturelle de cette ville est palpable, quotidienne. Notre idée était de travailler sur cette perception du monde, à la manière du blog sur Instagram humans.of.new.york, New york city, one story at a time, le projet du photographe Brandon Stanton. Chaque portrait est accompagné d’un interview.

windows-le coin bleu


“I want to be an astronaut.”

“What’s the hardest part about being an astronaut?” “Pressing the right buttons at the right time.”

 “I can walk around this city and point to 200 or 300 buildings I’ve worked on. Sometimes I go a little overboard with the pointing.”

 “I feel much more secure in my current relationship. Everything about my last relationship felt conditional on me measuring up, which magnified my insecurities. There was a tentativeness to everything. It’s hard to explain, but it was certainly felt. It could be a slight hesitation in holding hands, or an unwillingness to talk about the future. Or if he did talk about the future, he used tentative pronouns. It was ‘his’ future and not ‘our’ future.”

L’atelier était conduit par Aude Lafait dans les ateliers Explorations 3. Chaque participant a ainsi pu interviewer et photographier un habitant de Bruxelles et écrire un texte selon l’angle choisi.