Jörg Piringer: “Rhythm & sound” at Scuola Holden

Thanks to our EACWP Teachers’ Interchange Programme along with the support of the Eramus+ programme, our Austrian colleague from the Vienna Poetry School (sfd), the sound poet and scientist Jörg Piringer held in English this two-days workshop in Turin. What follows is a snapshot of his experience in the headqueaters of Holden


The “rhythm and sound” workshop at Scuola Holden in Turin was attended by students of the storytelling course of the school. The exceptionally motivated participants clearly had fun with presenting, digitally recording and editing their texts – written according to specific directions – and voices in a way that was new to them. All participants except one, who is also a musician, encountered auditive poetry for the first time. A special appeal for this international group was the diversity of languages (Spanish, French, Italian … native speakers) which they could employ creatively. All other courses at Scuola Holden persistently use English. The result was a spontaneous creation of sound pieces between multilingualism and asemantic voice experiments.
Such a complex topic can only be briefly touched during a two-day workshop, but the conclunding feedbacks showed that the participants were clearly taken with the subject and that the concept of giving an overview of directions and techniques of sound and acoustic poetry has worked out.

Jörg Piringer.

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