IV Flash Fiction Contest | Deadline extended!

Until April, 30th European writers or writers living in Europe may participate!

We are happy to announce (and we are quite sure some of our participants will be also very much happy to hear) that the deadline for submissions for the fourth edition of our European contest has been extended until April 30th. Even though this editions is addressed to “outsiders”, we would not like our outsiders at all to be outside of the contest but to join it right away.

Twelve different European languages are leading this year’s competition: English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Hebrew and Czech.

Remember that you may participate in many languages as you like and submit as many text as you wish.

Here you may find all the 2021 requirements in all the participating languages.

So, European writers and worldwide writers & outsiders living in Europe: join us and let’s continue writing and dreaming Europe seriously!