Holden enrollment 2014-2016

On the 2nd of April, Alessandro Baricco presided the Opening Day by inaugurating the enrollment of the new Holden students for the upcoming academic period 2014-2016. The application form for new candidates is available on-line since then to the 3rd of June

Federico Botta

The Holden was born from an idea. The idea was to found a school where narrators are being trained. Not writers or playwrights or directors, but storytellers. At the Scuola Holden we teach how to storytell. We are convinced that a novelist, a screenwriter, a journalist or a videogame designer are, above all, storytellers. The same applies to a playwright or a comic book artist. They all come from the same land: the land of storytelling. Thus we try to teach the youth the ways of this land.s a boundless land.

 The Dean

In his speech for the Opening Day 2014, Alessandro Baricco, the director of the Italian school, raised up again what in the spring of 2013 confessed it was one of his inner wills to be accomplished with the Holden Reborn: to found the  Humanism of the 21th century. The new Scuola Holden was the ex-Caserma Cavalli, an abandoned military quarter that was transformed into a «storytellers’ laboratory.» A Storytelling and Performing Arts school.

The Holden was reinvented in two fundamental dimensions. Firstly, it opened up its borders to international students by imparting its courses both in Italian and English. Secondly, it created a wide spectrum of six storytellling disciplines gathered under the name of «colleges.»

The full Holden experience has been percentaged according to the school lifetime in different vocational pursuits and undergoes. Here you may have a quick Holden tour:

15 % Holden Start holden.start-443x255

What Holden Start means? Holden Start involves the first month of lessons at the Scuola Holden. Because before assigning students to each College, they want to get to know them. Or even better: mess them up. Over this month students will be following a diversity of lessons as well as meeting different teachers and professionals from the wide storytelling field.

50 % College college

Colleges must be imagined as rooms in a large house, where each of them is devoted to a single discipline: Acting, Cross-media, Filmmaking, Real World, Writing and Series. Each College has the size of a class, because Holden wants to foster a direct challenge between teachers and students.

The College occupies about half of the time students will spend in school: during all the time left students can walk from one room to another, because at Holden, as always, those who want to study Crossmedia must read DeLillo, and those who want to make a film are meant to listen to Wagner as well as those who go there to write stories will end up watching Miyazaki.

25% Laundry cestelli

There are different learning paths across, short courses turning around the different disciplines of Colleges. They occupy about one-third of the time that students spend in school. They must follow eight of their choice per year, and are divided into four groups: Experience, Assembling, Market and Origins.

Experience, because most of the stories come from what we experienced. Market, to know what happens after writing their own stories. Assembling, to understand how things take shape, from an Ikea shelft to more complex narrative structures. Origins, to understand where we come from and that way behind us that took us here.

10 % Mantra mantra

Each student receives a mantra: a song, a verse of a poem, a scene from a movie. The task of the students is a journey of study, following the trail dictated by their mantra, all along the two years.

This is just a rough mapping of Scuola Holden’s journey. It could mean to promised a treasure hunt adventure but there might not be any treasure (at least the secret of the everlasting youth). No one knows.

In any case, after its first year, Scuola Holden is spiritually strengthen and ready to reborn again.

The EACWP and all its members celebrate and support this new challenge.


For detailed information about applications, fees and financial support, please visit http://www.scuolaholden.it/costi-iscrizione/ or email Scuola Holden at application@scuolaholden.it