Hanniuska Erickson: Writing from the pictures you shot yourself

Hanniuska was one of the participants of the course imparted by Alain André (Aleph-Écriture) in Escuela de Escritores last November: Writing from the pictures you shot yourself. The following text is both a testimony and a open reflection of her experience along with a representative selection of some of the images she captured over the three days workshop in Madrid

Besides being inspired and challenged, I was able to see how, subconsciously, perceive the world through my photos. Photography allows me to see familiar everyday things in a new light. The course also allowed me to… stop, think, and reflect about this, as well as the opportunity to see how others use their own personal histories to form the basis of their work. This state of awareness caused me awe.

Alain supplied invaluable feedback and personal attention to each one of us. Personally, his suggestions guided me into questioning, seeking and searching the whys and how comes of the pictures taken, the words that were chosen. He was able to provide a unique dynamic space and a sense of «safeness». A space where we were able to be vulnerable and expose our work to the rest of the classmates without feeling neither ridiculous nor silly, au contraire, I found myself willingly available to accept suggestions from the others that would give my work a much clearer voice through words and impressions.

Even today, I find myself using what I have learned from the three day course with Alain. When I take pictures, I am more aware of the whys (Why I’m taking this picture? Why it calls out to me? What underlying sentiment it brings forth?) and the constant reminder of «let it flow naturally» when I see myself figuring out how can I translate it all into words.


The pictures she shot

walking away 3
“Walking away” series
walking away 4
“Walking away” series
a perceived glimps (assumption)of me
“A perceived glimps (assumption) of me”