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From the 19th to the 26th of August, Scuola Omero (Italy) offers a full summer writing experience in the turistic village of Poggio all’Agnelo (Tuscany). Registrations are now open

Holidays can be scary for some people. Even though they need them and call them upon all year, they think holidays are always the evaporation of a handful of days. If you are one of these dubious heroes of our time – and you have a passion for writing – we have a solution for your inner rock slides.

We call it Full Immersion and it is an experience to the boundaries of the surreal. We take a group of passionate writers, or aspiring, and lock them for a week in a beautiful seaside village. Morning and afternoon we follow them with lessons and recommendations up to take them to the realization of a story made and formally unexceptionable.

This is not a simple summer workshop, it’s something more.

Students can discuss with each other and come, even when we meet casually at the beach, to talk to us of their literary problems!

This is our 24th Edition and, year after year, we realized that this total immersion in writing is effective. One for all, we just mention a former participant: Gianrico Carofiglio.


Agust, 19 to August, 26 (2017).




Luigi Annibaldi, Massimiliano Ciarrocca, Lucia Pappalardo, Paolo Restuccia, Enrico Valenzi.

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