Frank Tazeelar in Escuela de Escritores

Thanks to our Teachers Interchange Programme, Frank Tazeelar, the director of the Institute of the Arts (ArtEZ / The Netherlands) imparted a three days lesson focused on “Strategies for writers in an interaction environment” to the masters’ students of Escuela de Escritores in Madrid


Since the foundation of Wintertuin (the associated Dutch publishing house to ArtEZ), more than ten years ago, our colleague Frank Tazeelar has been constantly fascinated and concerned by the politics behind the poetics that an author has to face and go through in order to create and enlarge his/her community of readers.

How to position yourself as a writer in the changing European publishing business and how to enhace the reader-writer connection business were the main stress of the challenges that Frank Tazeelar shared to the masters’ students of Escuela de Escritores, who represented a nurtured diversity of the Spanish speaking culture: Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Spain. Starting from the personal artistic poetics, the course explored the possibilities of connecting to a community of readers, instead of following the supply chain of the publishing industry.

In the light of the goals projected, Frank presented, also, the CELA project, a translating programme created by Wintertuin aiming to create a European context for emerging writers. One of the principal objectives of this initiative seeks to enable young artists to develop their talent in an international context by abridging the gap among writers, translators and the publishing industry. In short, some of the pedagogical contents, strategies and discussions of the course will be soon shared on this website.

Thanks to Frank Tazeelar’s contributions and spirited teaching presence  and thanks to the superb hospitality of Escuela de Escritores these pedagogical encounters continue enhancing the strenght and scope of our European project.