Flash-Fiction EACWP Contest (Hebrew)

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This initiative aims to promote and encourage literary creation in Europe, bringing European writers together in a joint competition. Some of the aims of this contest are:

  • To encourage a European citizenship through cultural and literary interchange.
  • To promote creative writing in the different European languages as a way to preserve our valuable linguistic histories.
  • To foster talent within the field of creative writing in Europe.

The European winner will be awarded a cash prize of 600€ and the European runner-up will get a cash prize of 400€.

Submission Requirements


  1. The contest is open to any participant living in Europe (including countries culturally linked to Europe such as Russia, Turkey, and Israel).
  2. Only EACWP representatives, teachers and staff cannot participate.

Format and submitting

  1. Participants must submit a text of a maximum of 100 words (title not included).
  2. The topic is “underground”.
  3. Texts must be titled.
  4. Texts must be unpublished and must not have previously been awarded any prize in a national or international competition.
  5. Texts must be sent using the corresponding EACWP form according to the participating language (English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Hebrew and Czech). All required data is mandatory.


  1. The contest comprises two rounds: a first round per language, and a second European round.
  2. For the first round, the original texts must be written in any of the already mentioned European participating languages.
  3. Each institution will receive, read and select one finalist in the language it is responsible for. In the case of Dutch, as there are two institutions of different countries participating, each of them will select one finalist.
  4. The contest will have 13 finalists for the second round (one per institution).
  5. For the second European round, these finalist texts will be translated into English.
  6. The international jury will select the European winner on this second round.

Contest Calendar

  1. The participation forms will be opened for submissions on February, 25th (2022) at 13:00 pm (CET) and will close on April, 30th (2022) at 13.00 (CET). Texts submitted before or after this period will be disqualified.
  2. The results of the first round will be published on the EACWP website, not later than May, 30th, 2022.
  3. Popular votes received through the EACWP website between May, 30th (2022) at 13:00 pm (CET) and June, 30th (2022), at 13:00 pm (CET) will be taken into account by the jury.
  4. The European winner will be announced in July, 15th (2022).
  5. The European winner will be awarded a cash prize of 600€.
  6. The European runner-up will get a cash prize of 400€.

Jury and dissemination

  1. The international jury will be confirmed by the representatives of all the EACWP institutions involved in the contest.
  2. The finalists consent to their texts being published on the EACWP website as well as in other publications linked to either the EACWP itself or associated institutions.
  3. Participants accept all the EACWP Flash-Fiction EACWP Contest Rules.
  4. Participants that fail to comply with rules and requirements will be disqualified.
  5. The international jury is allowed to take decisions to solve any conflict or unexpected situation.
  6. The English version of the rules will prevail.

Personal Data Treatment

  1. Please click here to read our terms & conditions.
  2. The personal data provided by participants in the contest registration forms will be incorporated to an archive which is responsibility of EACWP with registered address in Spain, Calle Covarrubias 1, Madrid, 28010, with Corporate Tax Id (CIF) ES-G86220266, with the purpose of managing users’ participation in the promotion regulated in these Rules.
  3. With your participation in the contest you will OPT IN to allow your data be used for marketing, statistical, analytical purposes and to administer your contest participation. For full information please read the EACWP Privacy Policy.
  4. In addition, you have the right to demand the correction or deletion/cancellation of the personal data that is inaccurate. These rights can be undertaken through our main contact section form.

Hebrew Form

Closed on Saturday, May 7th, 13.00 (CET)