Flash-Fiction EACWP Contest (Popular vote)

Popular vote

Do you want to participate in the popular vote? These are the guidelines:

  • You may vote through the web form you may find below
  • You must vote only once (extra-votes will be automatically eliminated)
  • You cannot vote for the winning text of your own country

The text with more votes in the popular votation will be awarded with 3 points.

Form to vote




Catalan text: The demon-cove connoisseurCzech text: Parisian blueDanish text: Army of treesDutch (Belgium) text: BicycleDutch (The Netherlands) text: GrandpaEnglish text: Rip currentFinnish text: To beyond this worldFrench text: CometGerman text: Every dayHebrew text: MedusaPortuguese text: The CaretakerSpanish text: The craziesSwedish text: Akureyri