EACWP Flash-Fiction Contest 2021 (Verdict)

After the closing of the II edition of the European Flash Fiction Contest, a total of 2000 texts were received over the call period from the February, 26th to April, 30th  2021. All the texts  —originally written in the different 13 European participating languages— were submitted to a first reading round composed of different members of each of the 14 participating EACWP institutions. This preliminary jury read and judged the texts in their original national language and selected one winner per institution in this first round of the contest.

The 13 finalists’ texts were translated into English in order to be submitted to a second reading round composed of a jury headed by only one representative per institution. This final EACWP jury was comprised of the following members: Franco Chiaravalloti (Escola d’escriptura), Andrea Holland (University of East Anglia), Conceição Garcia (Escrever Escrever), An Leenders (Creatief Schrijven), Daniel Kubec (University of Creative Communication), Magnus Eriksson (Linnaeus University), Maja Lucas (University of Southern Denmark), Rubén Abella (Escuela de Escritores), Marie-Pascale Lescot (Aleph-Écriture), Frederike Luijten (ArTEZ), Peter Waugh (Vienna Poetry School / sfd) and Moran Levi (Sadnaot Habait).

Taking Eurovision’s contest as a model, the voting was distributed according to the following ranking points:

12 points for the first place,

10 points for the second,

8 points for the third,

7 points for the fourth,

5 points for the fifth.

After compiling and counting all the votes, the jury of the EACWP European Flash Fiction Contest came to a consensus about the following results:

The fifth place in the competition, with 47 points goes to the text entitled Medusa, by Asaf Dvori from Israel.

The fourth place in the competition, with 50 points, goes this year to two different finalists tied at the same score: the text entitled Bicycle, by Geert Simonis from Belgium and the text entitled Grandpa, by Jilly Naaijen from The Netherlands  (favoured by 3 extra-points from the popular votes).

The third place, with 59 points in the competition, goes this year to text entitled Akureyri, by Sofie Gisslén from Sweden.

The second place in the competition, with 67 points, goes to the text entitled Army of trees, by Signe Kierkegaard Cain from Denmark.

Ultimately, the jury declares as the 2021 winner of the IV edition of the EACWP European Flash Fiction Contest, with 81 points, The Caretaker, by Sandra Henriques from Portugal.

The European winner will be awarded a cash prize of 600€ and the European runner-up will get a cash prize of 400€.

The EACWP would like to thoroughly thank the valuable and voluntary work of the jury, the translators and the different participating institutions for their engagement over the full process of the contest and its different stages. Ultimately, we would like to congratulate the winner, along with all the finalists and the 2000 participating authors for the inspiring response and enthusiastic participation, especially, this year, over the worldwide difficult sanitary circumstances. Thank you all for responding to the challenge of continuing writing and dreaming Europe seriously more than ever.