Flash-Fiction EACWP Contest 2022

This initiative aims to promote and encourage literary creation in Europe, bringing European writers together in a joint competition. Some of the aims of this contest are:

  • To encourage a European citizenship through cultural and literary interchange.
  • To promote creative writing in the different European languages as a way to preserve our valuable linguistic histories.
  • To foster talent within the field of creative writing in Europe.

What is it about

The contest is open to any participant living in Europe (including countries culturally linked to Europe such as Russia, Turkey, and Israel). Only EACWP representatives, teachers and staff cannot participate. Participants must present a 100 words flash-fiction text. The topic is underground.

The final winner will be awarded a cash prize of 600€ and the runner-up will be awarded a cash prize of 400€.

How to participate

The contest starts at 13.00 (Central European Time: CET) next February 25th (2022). The web forms in each participating language will be available until April, 30th (2022) at 13.00. Contestants just need to select the language of participation in order to access to its requirements and correct web form in each case. Access will be available on the day the contest starts and it will be open only over the period of submissions.

The languages of 2022 Edition are the following ones:

Leading institution for each language