The EACWP Flash Fiction Contest | III Edition

The competition will run until March 15,th (2020)

After the success of our first and second edition (with more than 1700 participating texts in both events), we are delighted to officially announce the third edition of our Flash Fiction Contest starting on January, 30th and closing on March, 15th (2020).

Twelve different European languages will be leading this year’s competition: English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Hebrew and Czech.

“Time of arrival” is the topic convened for this new competition in the same 100 words snapshot format.

We are also happy, in this occasion, to recall our 2019 winning text: (click) by Marc van der Holst from Hague (The Netherlands). You may review the full 2019 contest results here.

In this very cheerful start of the year, we are eagerly wishing the party start, so we would like to make thoroughly extensive the invitation to all the writers living in the continent to participate and to continue writing and dreaming Europe seriously.

Our best wishes for our 2020 participants!

Flash Fiction Contest 2020 (Requirements & Participation Forms per Languages)

Flash-Fiction EACWP Contest 2020