Eshkol Nevo at the Scuola Holden

“An invitation to the Holden” is the name of the seminar EshKol Nevo will be attending at the Italian school of Turin on the 13th and 14th June. After Grossman, Yehoshua and Oz, Eshno Nevo belongs to a new generation of Israeli authors concerned about the dignity of future 

EshKol Nevo is one of the best and most solid voices of this generation. He has conquered all diversity of readers -from the most pretentious and sophisticated ones to those who are searching for friendship, love and life in stories- out of his brilliance as a storyteller and his also fascinating critics.

In order to participate in the seminar please fill out the application form: the notice will be published soon.

This initiative will be possible thanks to the Piedmont Region’s contribution and as a part of the 2011/2012 Holden Gym’s activities.


What they say about him:


«Eshkol Nevo’s La simmetria dei desideri is one of the most beautiful books I have seen recently. I haven’t had as much fun or been moved as much by a character since I read Vargas Llosa’s Avventure della ragazza cattiva». Alessandro Piperno on Il Corriere della Sera.

«Eshkol Nevo is one of the most important voices in young Israeli writing, perhaps the closest to David Grossman, due to his ability in speaking about the subtle relationship that exists between individual lives and collective history». Nouvel Observateur.

What’s he likes, what does he say:

Here is an interview on RaiEdu, in which Nevo speaks about his latest book La simmetria dei desideri (Neri Pozza), about himself and his writing.

His biography:

Eshkol Nevo was born in Jerusalem in 1971. After a childhood lived between Israel and the United States he finished his studies in Tel Aviv and then began a career in advertising, which he then abandoned to dedicate himself to literature.

His grandfather was Levi Eshkol, who was Israel’s prime minister from 1963 to 1969. Levi Eshkol was recently named by Amos Oz, in connection with the Israeli attack on the ship carrying humanitarian supplies to the Gaza Palestinians.

Eshkol Nevo teaches creative writing in various institutes now. As well as Nostalgia (Mondadori 2007 –Neri Pozza has now acquired the rights), in the bestseller lists for more than sixty weeks and winner of the 2005 Book Publishers’ Association award and in 2008 of the Paris Parigi del FFI-Raymond Wallier Prize, Nevo has also published a collection of short stories called Bed & Breakfast and the nonfiction book The Breaking Up Manual.

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