Escuela de Escritores: Dreaming, remembering, writing

There are four nights —and three naps— remaining to the two days workshop organised by Escuela de Escritores as part of the EACWP project year ‘Dreams’. On the 19th and 23th of May the course will be imparted in Madrid by Mariana Torres 


Dreaming, remembering, writing

How many literary works have been written after a dream? For all we know, by testimonies of the writers themselves, a fist of short stories as some by Julio Cortázar as well as few novels such as Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Stevenson .

The two sessions of the workshop will focus on working with dreams from a literary perspective  and using them as a creative trigger in short stories writing. In the case participants do not remember their dreams, they will be provided by a series of tricks that will be deliberatly brought forward in order to gather a wide repertoire of dreams after the two sessions.

Mariana Torres, the leading workshop teacher, has been working during the past years with dreams as primary storytelling material and some of her micro-stories have been published in renowned blogs and magazines in Spain.

For more information, visit the course’s site.

Mariana Torres

marianawas born in Angra dos Reis (Brazil) in 1981 and lives in Madrid. She is graduated in Screenwriting and works as a Creative writing teacher in Escuela de Escritores since 2005. She is the author of two feature films : Mudanzas (Movings), an adaptation of the novel by Javier Sagarna (2006); and El refugio (The shelter), an original script. She is also co-writer of the film A cara o cruz (Heads or tails; 2008) and has directed Rascacielos (Skyscraper), her first short film, which was premiered in March 2010 at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. Mariana Torres is a regular microfiction articulist at Otras hierbas, her still remaining blogspot created in 2005. She has published short stories in several anthologies such as Segunda parábola de los talentos (Second parable of the talents; 2011), wining remarked prizes in literary competitions. Currently, she has concluded her first book of short stories, which will be published throughout 2015.

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