Ekto magazine: a new publishing alternative

The 1st. edition of Ekto, the flash fiction magazine, is now available on line. May 20th, 2013 is the deadline for new texts submissions

Four appealing characteristics comprises the initiative Paul MacQuade, its editor in chief, put forward on this project: literary, multilingual, quarterly and on line. All of them meet in a larger motivation: the spark of short stories. Still more, there is a second spur: to push literature outside the geographic and linguistic boundaries.

Ekto magazine is a new publishing stream for talented writers, whose work is developed in English, French, Spanish or Japanese. Every selected text is translated into the other three languages and finally published in all of its four versions. The magazine team collects three stories each quarter from the four languages and every quarter releases a 48 stories collection compiling 12 stories in 4 different languages.

Flash fiction between 500-1000 words is the regular qualified extension for unfolding almost any genre literary. Although Ekto admits “particular fondness” for slipstream, magic realism, edgy surrealism, urban fantasy, weird fiction, language play, stories about border crossings, bodily transgressions, and life in the age of globalisation. One of the short stories selected for this 1st. edition belongs to Laurence Vandebroucke, a student from Aleph- Écriture currently attending the workshop “How to write a short stories collection”.

Despite the fact the magazine is currently unable to pay for the literary works they put forth in gratitude “the loving care” to translate your text and make it accessible “across the languages”.


Magazine’s address: http://www.ektomag.net/en/

Email address for: submissions@ektomag.net