EACWP Proceedings of the 1st. International Pedagogical Conference

The EACWP has compiled the proceedings of the 1st. International Pedagogical Conference of Creative Writing, held in Paris in November 8th and 9th, 2012

After five months of recollecting, editing and systematizing all the conference texts from the different contributors, the EACWP has consolidated one of the most valuable bibliographic achievements thanks to the remarkable effort of Aleph-Écriture and its team, especially Alain André, Louise Muller and all the people in charge of the program and organization of the event.

The full document comprises 243 pages with 36 different lectures on a wide diversity of topics related to the Creative Writing praxis.  All these conference proceedings will be gradually published on this website.

The following text is written by the President of EACWP Javier Sagarna as an introduction to the conference compilation.


Introducing the EACWP: 1st. International Pedagogical Conference


Javier SagarnaOrganized by Aleph-Écriture and the European Association of Creative Writing Programme, the 1st International Pedagogical Conference took place in Paris in November 2012, under the title “How do we teach creative writing?”. There were two days of methodological interchanges and sharing of the strongly different points of view about our ways of teaching Creative Writing. A very necessary discussion taking into account how different the formative experiences, methodologies, pedagogical approaches and even the concept of what we are teaching and what our commitment as teachers is, are.

Creative writing teaching in Europe has been developed in a different way in every country, isolated one from another mostly because of the difficulties that the multilingual situation of Europe (a great richness on the other hand) creates for sharing in a discipline. Creative Writing has its own words and language at its heart. In this situation, in most European countries, there is not an official discipline that provides a degree or any other title. Hence, each school has managed to create its own methodology and pedagogical approach, in most of the cases, mixing what they know about other experiences in other parts of the world (USA, Latin America, etc.), the peculiarities of the literary and educational tradition of each country, and, of course, the ideas and developments that their day by day experience suggested them.

This has created an amazing variety of ways of teaching that, as well as the many languages of Europe, is an invaluable richness we have now the opportunity to share. Using English as the communication language and having not only respect, but love for our different and beautiful languages, the 1st Pedagogical Conference opened a path. It was the first step of a long route, the first word of a wide dialogue between our very different experiences, that, for sure, will result in an improvement of our teaching and a better and more complete learning experience for our students and young writers.

There are many ways to build Europe and writing together, sharing points of views about our teaching is, undoubtedly, one. Multilingual and multicultural Europe needs writers and teachers who talk, dialogue, grow and learn together. That is our vision and that is what happened last November in Paris.

As a teacher, the conference was for me a place of learning and my classes are now better with the knowledge I got there; as a director of one of the schools that participates, the conference was the right place to find ways to improve our school and its courses and programs and, also, to find partners for new collaborative projects; as president of the EACWP, the conference was the confirmation that our job has just started, that we need conferences, meetings, interchanges and collaboration, and that the EACWP is the right tool to lead this process.

The 1st. Pedagogical Conference in Paris was a great success and I want to thank all the people that made it possible, especially Alain André, Louise Muller and all the team of Aleph-Écriture, who were the best organizers and the best guests. But it was also a first step, a decisive one. Now we know we need a 2nd conference and we are already looking forward to it.

Javier Sagarna.

President of EACWP.