The EACWP celebrates its Xth symposium & 10th anniversary

From the 12th to the 14th of June, the EACWP celebrated in Paris its Xth symposium along with its 10th anniversary. The canddles were unanimously blown at the Marie du Xème town hall in Saint Martin and the birthday song was sung in nine different languages. The three days event was organised by both of our French institutional members: Aleph-Écriture and Ateliers d’écriture Elisabeth Bing

Orhan Kipcak (Vienna Poetry School / schule für dichtung) ©Alain André

It seems a true cliché that noted image of Paris as the love city, as a city to fall in love. Paris was the place the EACWP picked up this year to celebrate, as said, its 10th anniversary and also its Xth symposium even though the association does not exactly nor exclusively round up single members.

Karin Knudsen (University of Southern Denkmark). ©Alain André

One year had passed since the last time the EACWP members had met in Orivesi (Finland), in the 2013 symposium. «What’s been new this year? What’s up?» were some of the common questions amonsgt them the common questions friends ask to each other when they are meeting again after one year.  The answers were varied: pregnancies, divorces, breaks up, movings, engagements, new jobs, new novels, new projects.  All that, somehow, entailed what is the ultimate stronghold of love: faith. Somehow, Paris was this time a city to believe, to believe by falling in love and dreaming seriously again and not regreting rien de rien.

Ni le bien qu’on m’a fait
Ni le mal; tout ça m’est bien égal!

(For some unknown but sheer reason Edit Piaf’s song became this time the EACWP hymn at almost all the postwork celebrations).

Mariana Torres (Escuela de Escritores) ©Alain André

The encounter was also an ocassion to welcome three new institutions that completed the list of 18 schools and universities, 26 participants and 10 different countries attending the event: Jyväskylä University (Jyväskylä, Finland), Creatief Schrijven (Antwerp, Belgium) and Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic) and few other individual members such as Pedro Ramos representing Polisemias, a small school in Galicia, Spain. Additionally, Helena Blakemore joined the EACWP symposium on behalf of NAWE (National Association of Writers in Education) based in York (United Kingdom) with the aim of finding a way for mutual membership, recognition and cooperation.

In the preliminary session, president Javier Sagarna went through a detailed evaluation of the EACWP performance in the last year and noticed the consistent growth of the association and the need for a larger commitment for the emerging bilateral and multilateral projects the association will be facing in the coming year.

Reijo Virtanen (Orivesi College of Arts). ©Alain André

The three days symposium were mainly focused on several discussions regarding upcoming European pedagogical projects and interchanges and the preparation for our pedagogical conference in October in Jyväskyla and Orivesi (Finland) as well as the selection of our project year topic: Windows of the world. The last day of the encounter was devoted to different pedagogical activities in which some speakers such a Georgia Maklouf from Kitabat (Beirut), Raffaelle Riba from Scuola Holden (Turin), Mariana Torres from Escuela de Escritores (Madrid) and Karin Knudsen from University of Southern Denkmark developed a series of  lectures and workshops concerning biligualism, revisions of human evolution within storytelling, dreams as a creative tool and creative writing and the academic tradition.


Catherine Le Gallais and Marianne Jaeglé from Elisabeth Bing
Harriet Natchman (Vienna Poetry School/ schule für dichtung), Philip Meersman (Creatief Schrijven)

On Saturday, 14, at the closing meeting of the Xth symposium, Marianne Jaeglé from Ateliers d’ecriture Elisabeth Bing noticed a «very concrete» consequence of the symposium organisational experience: «We learned how to work with Aleph-Écriture. It was not necessary to cross all Europe to strengthen a cooperation bond». Alain André from Aleph-Écriture also underlined one of the clear outcomes of the encounter: «We are full of new ideas and new ideas mean, of course, more and more work». Louise Muller, also from the organisational team of Aleph-Écriture, rounded off the closing line of the symposium: «More than before —and maybe than ever—, I feel more European.»